Disney Princess Party Ideas

PrincessKIandGEvery girl loves being treated like a princess on their birthday, and what better way is there to do this but by throwing her a magical princess party?

It is easier than you may think to have your own great memorable party at home or in a hall.  You can create memories that your child and their friends will remember for years to come.  And to make it even easier, in this blog we will cover what you need to think about and give suggestion on how to theme your perfect Princess Party…

Things to think about in advance…

  1. Venue and guest numbers.

The size of your venue will depend on the number of guests attending.  I have given large parties of 30 or more guests in a hall, and also smaller parties in my own home.  There does seem to be a trend of inviting their entire class, but sometimes it is nice to celebrate with their closest friends, and smaller parties are far easier to manage.

Tip: If you would like a smaller party but are worried about playground politics simply send your child into school with small treats for their classmates on their birthday so no one feels left out.

For your first party don’t be too ambitious with guest numbers. Remember you do not want to get stressed out, if you are happy the children will be too! Larger parties are easier if you enlist more volunteers to help you.

  1. Date, Time and Duration.

Childrens birthday parties are not necessarily held on their actual birthdays and are more commonly held at the weekend.  However I PrinAhave had a couple of parties after school that have been fantastic, although you may need to leave work early to set it up.

Think about meal times when arranging your party.  It is common to have food at the party so if the party spans over lunch or tea-time ensure you have plenty of filling food, otherwise snacks will suffice.  But it is helpful to other parents if your make it clear on the invite that it is only snack food so they can plan their meals.

2-2 ½ hours is typical for a birthday party.  This should give enough time to get through your games and have something to eat.  It is also not too long so younger guests will not get over-tied.

  1. Sending the invites.

I recommend between 2 and 4 weeks in advance of the party. Any earlier then parties can be forgotten, and later than plans may already be made.  Don’t forget to include:

  • Your child's name and birthday age.
  • Who to RSVP to
  • Your address and phone number.
  • The date, start and finish times of the party.
  • Are your guests expected to come as their favourite princess characters?
  • How to get to the party venue.
  1. Party Food

The types of food you serve will depend on what time the party is. It is not hard to theme your party food. You could simply label food e.g. a fruit kabab could be ‘magic wands’ or you can shape or colour foods using pastel pinks, blues and whites.

Here are some suggested Princess themed party food ideas but also check out our Princess Party Pinterest Page for loads more ideas…

Cupcakes.  Use themed cupcake cases and Capture1decorate your cakes with Princess pinks, blues and whites.

Carrot sticks placed in princess cups can become Olaf’s noses.

Fruit salad can be labelled ‘Aurora’s fruits from the forest’

Mini pretzel sticks placed into cheesy strings to create Cinderella broom sticks

Fish shaped crisps can become ‘Ariel’s fish friends’

Peel small citrus fruits and pop a small bit of apple or cucumber in the top to create Cinderella Pumpkins.

CapturePink crispy cakes can become princess balls

Pizza.  If you would like to theme the pizza, simply rearrange the topping, for example you can make a Princess pizza by arranging toppings into star, crown or flower!

Sandwiches – these can be cut into princess shapes using cookie cutters.

Quick cheat: If time is at a minimum in your house you could consider buying a sandwich/party platter.  Local sandwich shops and cafes often offer this service (as do most supermarket delicatessens) and it can be a huge time saver.  Add in carrot sticks, cucumber and crisps and you have everything you need!

Birthday cakeDisney Cake

We have plenty of designs for Princess Cakes on our Pinterest Page if you want to make one yourself, or if you know a good cake maker.  Supermarkets also stock themed birthday cakes.

  1. Music play list

A handy thing to do in advance is make a party music list, and you can do this with your child. Mix well know tracks from the Disney Princess films with whatever your child and their friends are listening to at the moment.  Don’t worry if the songs repeat once or twice, but if your child is anything like mine they will have plenty of tunes that they love.

Tip: Check for explicit lyrics (a mistake I made once, luckily no-one noticed!) and ensure you pick the radio edit version!

  1. Party Plan

If you have bought our Princess Party in a box then you will have a suggested party day plan and lots of games instructions.  If you have not got one, write yourself a little party plan and be sure to know which games you will be playing and how the games are played.

It is great to have a plan and it does make life easier, however, if the kids are having fun be relaxed and have fun with it! It does not matter if you do not get through all the games you have planned or they are not playing them exactly to rule as long as everyone is having fun.

  1. Party Games

It is easy to adapt traditional party games to give them a Princess twist.

For example

Pin the tail – if you have purchased our Princess Party in a Box you will already have a pin the horn on the unicorn game.  However, there are do-it-yourself versions of this on our Pinterest Page.

PrinGandAMusical statues – your guests are attending a ball.  When the music plays they dance around.  When the music stops (you can also make up a spell to say at this stage) guests have to stand as still as they can.  Anyone who moves is out.

Keeper of the gate – the princess’s castle is under attack. Blindfolded the princess has to stop intruders from going through the gate by touching them.  In our Princess Party box there is an inflatable dolphin to help and add even more fun!  The gate keeper, helped by the dolphin, can defend Ariel’s castle.

Duck, duck, goose! Princess Style– Sit the children is a circle and the party child goes around the group touching the heads of children saying ‘Princess’ until they chose the one to race and then they say ‘Witch’  At this point the selected child stands up and races the chooser around the circle, the first one back wins the spot.  The looser continues the game as above. Hunt for the crown jewels – dye rice pink and bury some princess treasure for gusts to find.

Ring hunt – hide princess rings around the room.  The guest who finds the most is the winner (they can either get a prize or win the rings)

  1. Guest Safety

Have think about how you will set rules and ensure guest safety. If there are places in the house or hall you do not want guests to go I suggest a nice notice on the door (or before stairs) stating ‘sorry, these rooms are out of bounds today.  Have a great time at our party!’  Also have a plan about how you will deal with over excited children (for example have some calmer games on hand – sleeping lions, pass the parcel or copycat games are good for this)

  1. Helpers.PrinO

Many hads make light work...you can’t be everywhere at once.  It is best to have a helper, maybe someone to concentrate on the food whilst you entertain the children – play to your strengths!

On the Day of the party:

  1. Make your house look presentable. I always remove items that have a lot of value or are sentimental to me just to be in the safe side.
  2. Decorate your party rooms.  If you have bought our Princess Party in a Box you will have everything you need at hand. Set our the party table. Adding centre pieces is a great touch!
  3. Prepare food ready to go out on the table.

At the party – Top tips

  1. Have your plan ready (but don’t panic if you stray from it, remember, just have fun!)
  2. They are not listening!?! Try turning down or off the music, this will tend to get their attention so you can speak to them. Failing that, pick someone with a loud voice to call ‘who wants to play another game?’ Then come and sit on the floor and I will explain…’
  3. If they are not playing the party games how they are meant to be played look around, who is upset? If most are enjoying themselves let them finish but perhaps not give a prize saying ‘that was a good practice, but to win a prize play like…’
  4. Don’t worry if you have not done all the games you wanted to play, it is a good sign that the kids have enjoyed what they have been doing.
  5. Clean as you go – quickly picking up wrapping paper, food waste etc as you go makes the clean-up at the end so much easier.
  6. Pictures are a great lasting memory but sometimes they get missed if you are busy. Having a Photo booth area can help ensure you get lasting memories of the party, and they make great thank you cards. You can buy Princess Scene Setters and Photobooth props. If you are feeling creative and have the time you can create your all, some ideas are on Pinterest!
  7. Getting party/loot bags out at the end of the party is a good way of letting he children and parents know that the party is winding down.

Have a fantastic party.  Creating memories for you and your child make doing a party yourself one of the best things you can do!Princess_Party_Box

Have your seen our Princess Party in a Box?  With filled party bags, games and prizes, as well a dining and decorations, they are packed full of everything you need for the perfect party.  Simply add food and guests.







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