Trendiest Birthday Party Themes of 2017

It's so easy to fall into the same old bouncy castle and birthday cake routine, but you don't have to! Here are the trendiest birthday themes this year so far. Have we missed anything?! Leave a comment below!


Minecraft is the most popular computer game for those between the age of 7 and 14, and has inspired an unmeasurable amount of merchandising. From wearables to home decoration and toys, no wonder why a Minecraft Themed Party has made it to the list. If you are short of ideas, this Pinterest board is your one stop-shop to throw the most incredible themed party.

Disney Princess

You may have noticed that Disney has been remaking their animated classics into live-action ones; their most recent release being The Beauty and The Beast. With Mulan and Aladdin already in the works, there's no sign of this trend slowing down. For everything you need to throw the best Disney Princess Themed party, check out our Party in a Box range, with the best quality and carefully selected products; everything delivered to your door with ease for you.


This craze has always been around, but with the power of social media, the bar keeps getting higher and higher with incredibly talented people creating the most mesmerizing rainbow cakes. What better way to showcase your baking skills than throwing a unicorn themed party to go hand in hand with your amazing rainbow cake? Don't forget - lots of glitter, lots of colours and lots of sugar!271354_AVENG_PTY_GAME_PRD_OL


Capes, masks, and cake: what could go wrong? This party theme it's a classic that has remained popular every year. For your little superhero or heroine...or the grown-up superhero in you, you don't need to spend a fortune to throw an awesome Superheroes party! Check out Party in a Box carefully selected range of superhero decoration; from napkins, plates and cups, to banners, bounty and party games.

Pokemon Go

Just when you thought Pokemon was a thing of the past, here came Pokemon Go and like you've never seen it before. We were all in the park searching for the cute imaginary creatures. This game has become a cultural phenomenon and no doubt your children are as addicted as the rest of the world. So why not earn yourself some 'cool parent points' in the process?

Minion Birthday CakeMinions

If you haven't been forced to watch countless hours of any of the Minion installments, you are totally missing out! These funny yellow guys are a hot topic right now and oh do we love them. If you are thinking of throwing a Minion themed birthday party, then check out Party in a Box Minion's range. With everything you need and more, including minion masks and an INFLATABLE BANANA!

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