Disney Princesses Themed Birthday Party

A birthday party has a few certain requirements if your child is listing the things they desire. They will want banners, bunting and fun games for everyone to play and, despite not knowing much about hospitality, they will probably want the best for their guests too. To save you from traipsing around countless shops in search of the item that you want before you select something totally different, choose to visit our online store at Party in a Box.

We have everything that you need in a handy care package to decorate, supply and transform your home or venue into the perfect themed area. We have a Disney Princesses themed birthday party package for you to discover which comes packed full of everything you need, such as:

  1. Decorations: Make sure your venue looks the part and creates the feel of a beautiful Princess castle with an abundance of decorations. From bunting and posters through to tablecloths and more, you can simply and effectively transform any area.
  2. Gift bags: As your child’s guests leave the party, you will want to provide them with a parting gift. These gift bags are designed around Disney Princesses and are filled with exciting treats.
  3. Free delivery over £30: If you spend over £30 on our online store at Party in a Box you will receive free delivery to your home.

To find out more about all the contents of our Disney Princesses themed birthday party packages, get in contact with us today.