Make The Best Pirate Birthday Party

Do you know how the pirate paid for his peg and hook? An arm and a leg. Get prepared for the barrage of ‘ARGH’-inducing jokes that emanate from every corner when you create a pirate themed birthday party. Whether your son or daughter loves Pirates of the Caribbean or wants to recreate Treasure Island, we can help you find the gold at Party in a Box.

Choosing the theme is the easy part for the birthday party, the next stage is finding out how you are going to transform your venue into a pirate-infused space for your child and their guests. Stop worrying and choose our pirate birthday party care package which is tailored to the number of guests you have arriving.

How to create the best pirate themed birthday party in three steps:

  1. Browse our pirate birthday party packages and select how many guests there are
  2. Add additional products from our online store to ensure you have everything
  3. Wait for the delivery and start decorating your venue

These simple steps will bring you closer than ever to creating the birthday party that your child will love. Our job is cut out any of the worry and make sure that your event looks great and entertains every guest.

Get in contact with our team at Party in a Box to find out more.