Minions Themed Birthday Party To Order Online

If your household does not have any Despicable Me merchandise, you are one of the lucky ones. The hugely popular movie with the little minions has been launched into the consciousness of parents the world over. We know that and that’s why we are able to offer a Minions themed birthday party package for your child’s birthday this year.

Our service at Party In A Box is organised and nearly prepared for you to simply order, open and have a birthday party ready to go right away. Inside the boxes will be an abundance of Minions and Despicable Me themed birthday party products that span everything from invitations, posters, table cloths and party bags.

Why choose our Minions themed birthday party supply boxes?

If you have a child that loves the movies and has everything there is to have about minions, you will want to ensure their birthday reflects that. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for you to create a venue for your child’s birthday party that looks amazing and is decked out in the famous yellow of the minions.

We are also chosen due to our range of options when it comes to choosing a party package with us. If you select how many guests are coming to the event, then we can provide you with a party box that has everything you need for that specific number.

To find out more about our service, please get in contact with us today.