Paw Patrol Themed Birthday Party

There’s a sponge-like density to your child’s brain when it comes to remembering the names of everyone involved in Paw Patrol. Sure, they will have their favourites and will love it when they turn up on screen, but they will always seem sense the next one to arrive. For all lovers of Paw Patrol and its band of characters, they will be mightily excited to be greeted by a Paw Patrol themed birthday party.

On their special day with all their guests with them, you can make it happen simply and easily with Party in a Box. Our dedicated care packages are ideally designed to help simplify the process from sending out invitations, decorating your venue and throwing a party your child will never forget.

Our Paw Patrol themed birthday party boxes and what is inside:

  • - Choose the number of guests: If you choose up to 32 guests in our packages, it will only cost £3.50 per guest. The more guests, the better the price per child.
  • - Banners, invitations and more: Everything you need to transform your home or venue into a Paw Patrol-themed birthday party will be inside our party boxes.
  • - Add extra features: If you have seen something that you can’t find in the shops, we have extra products that you can buy from our online store at Party in a Box.

To find out more about our Paw Patrol themed birthday party, get in contact with us.