Pirate Themed Birthday Party Boxes To Order Online

There is no shortage of pirate role models and figures that our children see, read and learn about in books, films and at school. From the pirate in the title sequence of SpongeBob SquarePants, Captain Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean through to the exciting world of Treasure Island with Long John Silver or the abundance of pirate-themed goodies produced by Lego, it’s hugely popular with children of all ages.

At Party in a Box we want to give you the best chance of turning your venue or home into the ultimate deserted island with our pirate themed birthday party boxes. The wide range of products that come as standard in our party packages are sure to feel like a pot of treasure that you have been seeking for ages.

Why choose our pirate themed birthday party package?

Treasure, gold, discovery, exploration and adventure is just the start of a pirate party and to complement this our packages are packed full of everything you need to host the best party for your child. Our 32-person pirate party package costs just £3.50 per child and will offer party bags, games, table covers, bunting and more to enjoy.

We also have a range of other accessories which can be added to checkout. To find out more about our range of party packages, speak with our friendly team today.