Star Wars Themed Party

If only you could use the force and create the perfect birthday party or celebration for your child every year. It would be great to move the furniture around with ease and watch as the whole venue is turned into a Star Wars arena. That can, however, still be a reality when you choose to purchase a Star Wars themed party from our online store at Party in a Box.

Our dedication to making it easy and simple for you to create an atmosphere in any venue for children with a vast range of likes and dislikes makes us a great choice. Our Star Wars themed party boxes are designed with parents in mind to make it a stress-free and simple process for you to enjoy.

Summon the spirit of Luke Skywalker for the best Star Wars themed party

Whether your child loves all the movies or involves themselves with every comic and book that they can find on it, we want to make sure everything you need is in one simple care package. This is why we include a wide range of accessories and more to decorate your room with, such as:

  • • Prize bags for every child guest
  • • Star Wars banners to decorate the room with
  • • Paper plates and cups with a Star Wars design
  • • Invitations and envelopes to send to all guests

To order your Star Wars themed party box and to see how it can transform your child’s party, speak to us today.